Install julia chromebook

is it possible to install Julia on an acer chromebook?
shall I simply copy all on a folder a create a link on /usr/local/bin?

If the chromebook can run linux (beta): then start the linux container; download the appropriate Generic Linux Binary architecture for your chromebook from; unpack the archive into …, ie somewhere inside the linux container; and run .../julia-1.3.1/bin/julia.

You must get the correct architecture or it won’t work.

For a more permanent installation, either add …/julia-1.3.1/bin to your default PATH environment, or ln -s .../julia-1.3.1/bin/julia some-directory-already-in-your-default-PATH .

Thank you. I tried and seems to work so far. I copied Julia into /opt and created a link to /usr/bin. I got the julia’s prompt on the terminal.

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UPDATE: I removed the previous J 1.3 and replaced it with 1.4.1; I followed the previous stream by creating a folder in /opt and a link in /bin to /opt/julia/bin/julia. I ran chmod +x julia in order to have it run.
But now, when i do $ julia I get: julia: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
What is and why I did not get the same error before?
I tried first to upgrade the core with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade julia but I got the installation of version 0.47.
To confirm, I am using a chromebook and I downloaded the 64 bit version (julia-1.4.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz).
Thank you

I tried today to extract with tar (tar -xzvf ...) and it worked. Yesterday I used a chromebook’s extractor; probably the problem was in the extractor.