Install julia chromebook

is it possible to install Julia on an acer chromebook?
shall I simply copy all on a folder a create a link on /usr/local/bin?

If the chromebook can run linux (beta): then start the linux container; download the appropriate Generic Linux Binary architecture for your chromebook from Download Julia; unpack the archive into …, ie somewhere inside the linux container; and run .../julia-1.3.1/bin/julia.

You must get the correct architecture or it won’t work.

For a more permanent installation, either add …/julia-1.3.1/bin to your default PATH environment, or ln -s .../julia-1.3.1/bin/julia some-directory-already-in-your-default-PATH .

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Thank you. I tried and seems to work so far. I copied Julia into /opt and created a link to /usr/bin. I got the julia’s prompt on the terminal.

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UPDATE: I removed the previous J 1.3 and replaced it with 1.4.1; I followed the previous stream by creating a folder in /opt and a link in /bin to /opt/julia/bin/julia. I ran chmod +x julia in order to have it run.
But now, when i do $ julia I get: julia: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
What is and why I did not get the same error before?
I tried first to upgrade the core with sudo apt-get dist-upgrade julia but I got the installation of version 0.47.
To confirm, I am using a chromebook and I downloaded the 64 bit version (julia-1.4.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz).
Thank you

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I tried today to extract with tar (tar -xzvf ...) and it worked. Yesterday I used a chromebook’s extractor; probably the problem was in the extractor.

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Hello! I don’t even know if you will see this, but…

I just read your comments, since it will be mandatory in my Macroeconomics Class to use Pluto IDE (including to solve the tests) and I don’t have a computer. I only have a Chromebook and I have no way to invest in a computer at the moment.

Seeing your thread here made me hopeful I could actually run Julia using Linux. However, I’m not very savvy with the Linux terminal and I have been unable to, so far, install Julia following your directions.

If you have the chance, could you please give a detailed description of the steps I have to follow, including the code lines, to install and run Julia on my Acer Chromebook?

I would be very grateful, since you would actually be saving me from failing my University class!

Dear Pedro,
to tell the truth, I abandoned the use of Julia on Chromebook and purchased a laptop where I installed Linux. Now I am using Julia using Atom on that…

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Olá, Pedro! Estou exatamente com a mesma situação. Conseguiste instalar?

Desculpa, só vi agora! Tentei ambas as versões de linux, mas independentemente da maneira que instalasse, fizesse unzip, tentasse cirar paths e containers para correr a aplicação, chegava sempre ao mesmo erro de que não existia o ficheiro de que estava à procura.

Já procurei em todo o lado como instalar, mas parece que não é algo popular o suficiente para que haja muita ajuda online. Se descobrires alguma maneira diz, pff.

hi @Pedro_Cardoso , @leonorscpimenta,

Nice to see undergrad students in economics looking for solutions in Julia Discourse. Apparently, Linux comes already installed in the Chromebook. See here. If Linux works in your Chromebooks, Julia will run.

We can check that out during the next couple of days.