I broke my Ubuntu LTS by installing Julia and Genie.jl newapp

Hello everyone. I have a fresh apache2 and I have an isolated LAN. I am working on a small app that passes a file from a client laptop to a server laptop.

I hope to use Genie on an Apache2 server. I can install the whole LAMP stack if I have to but I am trying to use as few dependencies as possible.

On my server laptop was apache2 and I could get the Ubuntu home page easily on the client by using the browser and or whatever. I hacked the html a bit and chuckled to my self. It all showed up in the client laptop, passed through by the router. So far so good.

Then I wget’ed and tar’d Julia (as usual) and sorted out PATH in my ~/.bashrc (as usual) and got the REPL succesfully I had Julia on the server. All fine. (I plugged my server into WAN to get the Julia download of course then plugged it back in to the isolated LAN router)

My idea was to have a link from the standard Ubuntu index.html to maybe the “/hello” that is in the Genie docs. As in I hoped to have the Ubuntu/Apache2 landing page and then an href type link to a Genie app.

So I “cd” into my /var/www/html/ and did “sudo su” and the relative path from root to my julia install to get the Julia-1.6.3/bin/ and ran the REPL from there and added Genie using Pkg. Then I did “using Genie” and set up a newapp Genie.newapp(“MyGenieApp”)

I hoped that this would create a Genie app there. But nothing happened.

And now the root index.html Apache landing page is broken.

What have I done? Have I broken the config of Apache2 by installing a Genie newapp?