Hyperlink to a section

Hi everyone. I am trying to create a hyperlink to a section within the same pluto document. Others have asked more complicated questions about hyperlinks here, but this simple question seems to not be addressed anywhere.

I have one cell of the form

md"# Introduction

Some text here...

and then another cell

md"As we have shown in the [Introduction]/(#introduction)..."

A hyperlink Introduction is created, but clicking on it does not do anything, neither in the notebook itself, nor in the exported HTML. Could anyone, please, point me to a solution? Thank you!

Create a table of contents using PlutoUI and there you can find the label for the hyperlink:

In this case the label is #156ae8d5-9cf3-4e57-86d1-76afb9d92cb9.

In this notebook, this link works:

[Sol 1a](#156ae8d5-9cf3-4e57-86d1-76afb9d92cb9)
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Thank you, @runjaj, this is very helpful!