(Human) Languages on the homepage


Personally I don’t care - i Am always set up to see only English, And anybody I work with is capable of doing the same. But I strongly empathise with Antoine’a sentiment.

P.S.: the Wittgenstein quote is taken wildly out of context, it is not about comprehending language but about how weak language is as a tool to communicating certain ideas.


Sorry for stating the obvious, but posters on this forum are by definition biased since they are fluent enough in English to read and write posts in that language. Many (future) users will use forums in their own languages instead.


Do whatever you want guys, I don’t care anymore, I’ll just do my own stuff.


I’ve encountered a fair number of websites that seem to interpret the browser language preference “en-us” as equivalent to “I didn’t know you could set a language preference, so I’ve just left it at default.” So they serve up a page in the language of the country that I happen to be in.

Even when a website does get the browser preference right, I might want to change the language of that specific website to get things like search to work better.

Also, it is sometimes necessary to see the original wording, because natural language translation is never 1-1. Hypothetically, if three different translated texts talk about “produced functions”, “rendered functions” and “generated functions”, respectively, then I might have no way of knowing if they are referring to the same thing unless I can see the original.