HTTP.jl no longer precompiling on Julia v1.6 (i.e. master)

Sometime within the last week or two, it seems that HTTP.jl will no longer precompile on a recently built Julia.
julia> using HTTP [ Info: Precompiling HTTP [cd3eb016-35fb-5094-929b-558a96fad6f3] ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: UndefVarError: libmbedtls not defined Stacktrace: [1] MbedTLS.SSLConfig() @ MbedTLS ~/.julia/packages/MbedTLS/VbsaQ/src/ssl.jl:18 [2] top-level scope @ ~/.julia/packages/HTTP/IAI92/src/ConnectionPool.jl:661

Does anybody know of a work-around / fix for this?
It breaks soooooo many things (such as wonderful Pluto.jl!)

Works for me:

$ git show --pretty=format:"%H" --no-patch

$ export JULIA_LOAD_PATH=$(mktemp -d)/Project.toml

$ pkg add HTTP &> /dev/null && pkg st && julia -e 'using HTTP'
Status `/tmp/tmp.kp10qcwpoK/Project.toml`
  [cd3eb016] HTTP v0.8.19

JLL packages for macOS with Julia nightly are currently broken: Other platforms are fine and most importantly all stable Julia versions are totally fine.


On v1.6 (a recent build out of master)?

But looks like it is a macOS problem as suggested by Mosè.

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