DecFP.jl no longer precompiling on Julia v1.6 (master)

julia> using DecFP
[ Info: Precompiling DecFP [55939f99-70c6-5e9b-8bb0-5071ed7d61fd]
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: libbid not defined
 [1] _parse(#unused#::Type{DecFP.Dec32}, s::String)
   @ DecFP ~/.julia/packages/DecFP/1AUjK/src/DecFP.jl:290
 [2] top-level scope
   @ ~/.julia/packages/DecFP/1AUjK/src/DecFP.jl:297

This may be related to the other problem I saw, where HTTP.jl no longer precompiles, with a similar error that libmbedtls is undefined in that case.

This works for me:

$ git show --pretty=format:"%H" --no-patch

$ export JULIA_LOAD_PATH=$(mktemp -d)/Project.toml

$ pkg add DecFP &> /dev/null && pkg st && julia -e 'using DecFP'
Status `/tmp/tmp.2DKQEhjavF/Project.toml`
  [55939f99] DecFP v1.0.0
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Again, did you try that on recent build of julia master (such as v1.6.0-DEV.991)?

Presumably the answer is the same as in the other thread you started: HTTP.jl no longer precompiling on Julia v1.6 (i.e. master)