How use SCIP in Windows


Can anyone help in how to install SCIP to use it in Windows through Julia 0.6/JuMP?

I’ve seen some instructions here:

But only for OS X and Linux, so i have no idea what i need to do to use it in Windows.

I’ve downloaded and extracted the source code that i found here:

What should i do next?

Windows is listed as one on the platforms and there is a 64 bit Windows installer

Me, I would be chicken and install VirtualBox and a Linux VM. Or dual boot Linux.
I run Windows 10 and Fedora in a dual boot.

Will that suffice to use SCIP in JuMP? Because from the guide in the AmplNLWriter.jl link i’ve posted before, it says i need to compile some binary files, wich i’m struggling to do (i don’t really know how to use CMD in Windows).

I’ve done this before, but I don’t remember the exact steps. I think I just downloaded and installed SCIP as @johnh suggests.

Then hunt through the install folder to find something called scipampl.exe (or similar), and then go AmplNLSolver("path/to/scipampl.exe").