How to use quasar notify in Genie

I want to add some feedback to the user when things work or don’t work as expected. How exactly can I make use of quasar’s notify in a Genie app?

For example, I have a file upload, where the file is a toml file with specifications for some settings. The problem is that the user might have edited that toml file wrong. I want to run some checks on the file after it’s uploaded to make sure it’s fine. So I’d like to notify the user if things went wrong (and what went wrong).

So I noticed that in many of these quasar GUI things, there might be a html component, which was made easy to include with @hhaensel’s quasar function, but then there is sometimes a script component to it as well. Just as there is in this notify thing mentioned here, but also in the progressive button example:

What I don’t understand (and can’t find the docs for) is how do we, from Julia, have something like that work…

Script components included via js-methods()