How to show all columns with DataFrameRow?

The trick for DataFrame doesn’t work with DataFrameRow…

julia> show(df[143639,:], true)
ERROR: MethodError: no method matching show(::DataFrameRow{DataFrame,DataFrames.Index}, ::Bool)
Closest candidates are:
  show(::IO, ::Bool) at show.jl:567
  show(::IO, ::Any) at show.jl:315
  show(::DataFrameRow; allcols, splitcols, rowlabel) at /home/tkwong/.julia/packages/DataFrames/IKMvt/src/dataframerow/show.jl:14

The deprecation for the DataFrame method points you to allcols=true, but it doesn’t work due to a small bug. Until the fix is released, show(df[143639,:], allcols=true, splitcols=true) should do the trick.