Unfortunate deprecation of showall in DataFrames

Understandable to reduce API surface area and eliminate lots of special case functions.

Whether the loss of convenience is worth the streamlining is in the eye of the beholder.

This one seems unfortunate:

**┌ Warning:** `showall(df::AbstractDataFrame, allcols::Bool=true)` is deprecated, use `show(df, allrows=true, allcols=allcols)` instead.

**│** caller = showall(::DataFrame) at deprecated.jl:54

**└** @ DataFrames ./deprecated.jl:54

show() is used in so many places for so many things that it seems unfortunate to use it even more.

I suppose I can just define
showall(df) = show(df, allrows=true, allcols=true)

But, that’s bad too because I need it in lots of scripts, can forget, and not good for someone else who might not realize they might need to add this little definition if using some of my stuff. So, I’ll go with the flow here.

Just wonder when little convenience methods are considered ok and when not.

showall has been deprecated in Julia 0.6, that’s why we removed it from DataFrames too. Note that the new show method is smarter than the old one: if you call show(io, df) on an I/O stream which doesn’t set the :limit property (which is the case of most streams, including files), all rows and columns will be shown by default.

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Good reason. We all miss our favorites…

Note that there is an error in the deprecation warning… it’s show(df, allrows=true, allcols=true) and NOT show(df, allrows=true, allcols=allcols).
I just opened a pull request…