How to set up Julia to always run a set of code at the beginning of each session?


I want to run a certain piece codes at the beginning of each session, e.g. to set up the proxy. How do I set this up?

Behind a firewall? Observations from a corporate Julia user

Updated (thanks to later posts)

On v0.7 or later, go to ~\.julia\config\startup.jl and put the Julia code you wish to run inside. If the config folder doesn’t exists, just create it.

On Windows, the file should be locate C:\Users\_YourUsername_\.julia\config\startup.jl (or wherever your user profile happens to be).

On v0.6 go to ~/.juliarc.jl and enter the code.

Why I am tagging this as a solution even though so many have contributed to this solution?
Thanks to everyone who contributed. I have decided to tag this as the solution so that internet searcher can find the solution quickly. But it was clearly a group effort to clear my confusion early on.


It works for me in vanilla Julia (on MacOS.)


Are you om v0.7 or v1? Didnt work for me on v0.6.4 on Windows 7


On Julia 0.6 you’d have to use ~/.juliarc.jl instead.




Just to be clear: On versions 0.6.x use ~/.juliarc.jl. On 0.7 and 1.0 use ~/.julia/config/startup.jl. (Or the equivalent for Windows). These should work for both JuliaPro and plain Julia.