How to set up a remote connexion using codespace

Kudos for the latest VS Code features presented by David Anthoff at JuliaCon 2020 [] ! All seems to run smooth, out of the box.

By the end of your presentation (@ 23:52), you speak about having a VS Code instance running on your remote office linux machine and accessing it via your laptop from home using a codespace session. I was wondering how do you how do you proceed to set this remote connexion up over codespace ? Do you launch a VS Code instance on your office machine and connect to it via codespace using a live share generated link ?

Also, what is the difference of doing it over codespace instead of connecting VS Code running on your laptop to the VS Code instance running on your office linux server via the live share link only ?

Thanks for the insights !

The documentation for that is here and here.

The Live Share story is different, it is a real time collaborative session technology. Think a Zoom call specifically for coding together.

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Thank you for your reply. I will check out the links you shared in order to try the setup between my linux server and laptop.

Live Share on its own I already used to collaborate on a same piece of code in real time with colleagues. This possibility is also one great feature of VS Code as it allows “google-doc” type of interactions (and much more) but for coding.

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Yes, Google Docs is another good analogy for Live Share!

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