How to set rc setting in PyPlot in Plots

I want to set rc in PyPlot in Plots. I can set it like:

import PyPlot
PyPlot.rc("text", usetex=true)

in PyPlot but how can I set it from Plots.jl?

Plots has Plots.default(args...; kwargs...) which you can use to set default parameters in plots (Edit: e.g. Plots.default(title = "hello there") will set the title of all plots unless you override it).
If I understand correctly, you’re trying to enable using LaTeX in your figure. you can do this with the LaTeXStrings package, string literals that start with L (e.g. L"e^{i\pi}") will be converted to latex. This works with the GTK backend but I haven’t tried it with the pyplot backend.