How to save the plot object in file instead of a jpg figure?


I know that saving the code and data is the best way to reproduce scientific figures, but sometimes I also want to save the figure objects for future modify;like changing the colour scheme, adding text annotations or resizing. So it would be a great time saver if we could save the FigureAxisPlot object in a file.

I first tried to do this with JLD2.

x = y = [1,2,3]
G = scatter(x,y)
# save the figure
save("demo.jpg", G)

# and also the object G
# in the next time, I could load the G directly
JLD2.@save "G_for_demo.jld" G

But JLD2 complains that

JLD2.@save "G_for_demo.jld" G
ERROR: UndefVarError: ET not defined

So, any suggestions for saving G as a separate and loadable file?
Thank you in advance

You can’t currently reliably serialize Makie plots. They have a lot of internal anonymous functions that wouldn’t work when reloaded, and probably other objects like open font handles etc. There’s just not been any effort in that direction, yet, while it’s undoubtedly a good feature to have. Your best bet for reproducibility is having reproducible functions / scripts that create the plots, together with a reproducible environment.

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Thank you for your patience in explaining. Have a good day.