Saving Makie plot so one can pan/zoom on the saved file

In PlotlyJS you can save plots as HTML and the interactivity is preserved, however the data I’m plotting is much too big for PlotlyJS so I’m using Makie.jl and InteractiveViz.jl.

I’m trying to save these plots so that the interactivity is preserved. I have a lot of data that needs plotting and it’s very useful to be able to zoom in on specific areas of the plot. I can’t find a way to preserve this aspect of the plot when saving, I’ve tried using WGLMakie and saving as HTML but it seems the julia process needs to still be running in order to preserve the interactivity. I can’t keep recreating the plots because the data is so big it takes a long time to plot them.

Is this possible in Makie, or does anyone know of a workaround?


You couldn’t save with InteractiveViz enabled - it needs a Julia process to re-process the data.

Have you considered spinning up a server and hosting WGLMakie plots there?

Even in the simplest case without InteractiveViz, I can save a file as html and open it once, but once it has been closed, reopening it doesn’t work.
MWE: using WGLMakie WGLMakie.activate!() f = lines(1:4) save(joinpath(homedir(), "test.html"), f)

I assume this is also because there needs to be a Julia process to re-process the data as you say. Please could you elaborate on spinning up a server and hosting plots there, I’m not familiar with how this would be done. Would this mean I could keep the server running the whole time and display plots when I needed, instead of recreating plots every time?