Saving plot like in Matlab

Hello everyone!
I want to save my plot in Julia in helpful format:
Matlab has a format .fig . Saving the chart in this format gives some pluses:

  • When the graph approaches, the axes remain visible.
  • When you click on the point from the chart you can see the coordinates of this points.
    Is there such a format for saving a chart in Julia?

Перевод на русский язык:

Всем привет!
Я хочу сохранить свой сюжет в Julia в “полезном” формате:
Matlab имеет формат .fig. Сохранение графика в этом формате даёт некоторые плюсы:

  • При приближении в области графика, оси остаются видимыми.
  • При нажатии на точку на графике можно увидеть координаты этой точки.
    Есть ли такой формат для сохранения графика в Julia?

For VegaLite.jl you can save plots as .vegalite files. That format is purely declarative and allows for full round tripping of the figure. In practice that means you can load the figure from the file in Julia, or you can also for example just open this file in JupyterLab and look at the figure. Not sure that is exactly what you are looking for, though :slight_smile:

A nice way to do this is to save it using JLD2.jl.

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