How to save both command history and system outputs automatically?

We know that ~/.julia_history file saves all the commands we entered in all of our julia sessions. However, it does not save the actual outputs returned from julia. I want to save the whole session sequence both input commands and the system outputs like what a MATLAB diary file does.
I googled it, and found various packages such as PrintLog.jl (only saves system printouts done by the commands println and print) and Memento.jl, MicroLogging.jl, Lumberjack.jl (saves warning, errors, etc. separately).
I also saw a posting saying that using IJulia notebook could save the whole julia session.
However, I want to do this via simple REPL sessions or via Atom/Juno IDE sessions. Is there any simpler way to save both the input command sequences and the system outputs?
Thanks a lot!