How to remove a package from JuliaHub?

In I see my registered package AppliSales v0.1.2 with a red X mark. When I hover over the package name I see the line master←registrator/applisales/c1345d04/v0.1.2.

I suppose that I have to do a merge, but where and how do I have to do it?

Another approach?
The problem arose because I used version v0.1.2 instead of v0.1.0 and auto-merge couldn’t be completed. I prefer to do it all over again, but how can I remove the package from JuliaHub?

Thank you in advance.

JuliaRegistries/General on May 7
##### New package: AppliSales v0.1.2
Registering package: AppliSales Repository:
You were mentioned
You approved this pull request

New package are usually merged into the registry after 3 days. You don’t have to do anything, but you could comment on the PR after 3 days to remind maintainers about merging it.


@fredrikekre, thank you for your quick responses.

Good to know how the merging works.

Can I also remove a package myself?

What do you mean with remove?

Delete the package. Then change the version to v0.1.0 and register the package again. Auto-merge than should work automatically I think?

Okay, just update the version in your project file and retrigger the registration. I can delete the old PR.

I just have set back the version to v0.1.0 for

  • AppliSales
  • AppliGeneralLedger (also a supporting package I want to use in my course)

I did the registration for both packages aqain.

@frederkekre, thank you in advance for the assistence.

I can see that the registration went successful, thanks. Do I have still to wait three days before I can add the packages to a Julia project?

I see: “Your new package pull request met all of the guidelines for auto-merging and is scheduled to be merged when the mandatory waiting period (3 days) has elapsed.”