How to quickly find what can be done to a struct?

I think when many complain that “Julia doesn’t have any inteface mechanism”, they are actually complaining about the fact that it’s hard to quickly know what can be done to an object. In C++ or Rust or Python, after you click . in, say, VSCode, you immediately see a list of available methods. Julia is based on multiple dispatch so there is no such thing as .method(), and when you want to know what methods are available for SomeUnfamiliarTypeInAMysteriousPackage, you have to go to the documentation or even search for ::SomeUnfamiliarTypeInAMysteriousPackage in the source code.

For me, in practice this isn’t that bad because Julia code is relatively easy to read; but it will definitely be better if we can enjoy the experience of typing . and get every method available. Is there any way to do so?

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You can use the function methodswith.

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Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to incorporate this into, say, the Julia support of VSCode?