Usability idea for IDEs - dotting your way through

One very cool feature I’m still missing are the recommended function one can use with struct/(classes) in other languages.

For these language it’s easy because they are statically typed and only use single dispatch.

Would it be possible in Julia, to create something similar?

I have two ideas to implement this in atom or vscode.

  • (easy): after the |> operater show all function that one get with the methodwith(DataType)

  • Using something like a template so that one is able to type: "hello". and gets all the methods with String in a drop down menu. After one has select it will change to the normal syntax: for example *("hello", arg1)

What do you think?

Good idea. Let me point out that this has come up before here on discourse. For example, take a look at My mental load using Julia is much higher than, e.g., in Python. How to reduce it?, or Why is multiple dispatch a feature?, or Typeaware autocompletion. Also, you might want to check out implementations in similar directions, like InteractiveCodeSearch.jl.