How to print a single-spaced newline in Pluto Markdown cell?

Hi everyone,
Is it possible to have a single spaced line-break inside a markdown block in a pluto cell of the form

*something* newline
*something else

I read that markdown should support either multiple spaces, or ** or <br> at the of a line for this functionality but those don’t seem to work.
I have also found this discourse thread that seemed to ask almost the same thing but not focused on a markdown cell (the solution simply wraps the whole text string in Text(), but I would like to maintain the markdown formatting).

julia> md"""
       *something* newline\
       *something else
  something newline
  *something else

A trailing \ at the end of a line is what you want. Some markdown parsers also support two spaces at the end of a line as well, but that’s not terribly readable… and so wasn’t ever implemented in the Markdown stdlib. (There’s nothing Pluto-specific about markdown parsing and rendering, it’s just using the building functions as far as I know.)

Oh god I feel stupid now but I was sure to have tried…
I just tried again now and indeed it works also in Pluto.

Thanks for the reply!

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