How to Plot Line Graph from CSV Row Data

Hi all,

I have this CSV:

Capture d’écran_2023-02-19_20-51-44

I want to plot a line graph, with x-tick is the year “2018 2019 2020 2021”

From Revenue till Total Equity. So there will be 5 different lines inside one plot.

  1. For the y-tick can it be made / formatted into B(in billion) for every tick? so y=1 will be for 1 Billion, instead of 1 unit.

I have this code for starter:

using CSV, Dates, DataFrames, Plots, Plots.PlotMeasures

fileadhi = "./csv/IDX-Stocks/ADHI Income Statement.csv"


what should I fill for the plot?

Is this a homework question? Reading the CSV.jl documentation is a good place to start. As is this tutorial on DataFrames.jl.

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You’ve asked quite a few very similar questions over the past week, it’s probably worth you spending a bit of thing reading the Julia manual to get a solid understanding of functions, methods, variables and similar building blocks, then the DataFrames docs and tutorials for basic data manipulation and the Plots docs. This will likely serve you better than asking here for every single plot you want to do and debugging things line by line with people on the forum.


Yes I just want a quick help if anyone willing to answer. You are right, better try to solve it till stuck then.