Plotlyjs x values display

here is the code:

DateTick = x[1]:Dates.Month(6):x[end]
DateTick2 = Dates.format.(DateTick,"Y-m")
p1 = scatter(x, y1, xticks = (DateTick, DateTick2),
      title = "Money supply", xrotation=-45, legend = :topleft)

I want the x value of 2002-7 ( and others ) to display correctly when hovering on those points

Could you please mention how is recorded date in your CSV file I suppose you are reading the get df[!, :date]?

Take a look here how the tickformat is set for date.

this is reading from csv file,

`money =“货币供应量.csv”,DataFrame)

x = money.日期

I created such a csv file with date containing only year and month, but the date is automatically read in the form yy-mm-01. (CSV v0.10.4, DataFrames v1.3.4).
But I succeeded to get displayed your format, on hover, using customdata and hovertemplate:

fig= Plot(scatter(x=df[!, :date], y= df[!, :GOOG], mode="markers", marker_size=16, 
                          customdata=df[:, :date], 
                          hovertemplate="(%{customdata|%Y-%m}, %{y})<extra></extra>"),
                          Layout(width=600, height=350))

ha, I see, your code works, Thank you !
Should I use PlotlyJS instead of using Plots, plotlyjs() as backend ? when I use plotlyjs() backend it shows as this

BTW, what is the difference of

using Plots


using PlotlyJS

when using plotlyjs as backend, should I must use specific syntax and format of PlotlyJS rather than general syntax of Plots

Plots.jl and PlotlyJS.jl are two different plotting packages, with distinct functions and plot layouts. But Plots can use plotlyjs() as backend.