How to output Type 1 fonts and greek letters on plot labels using PyPlot?


Hi all,

I am getting an error when I am try to plot latex greek letters on the label of a plot using PyPlot.

Here is what I am doing:

ylabel(L" Ω=Vθ/D_c ")

at the beginning of my script I am using the following option:

PyPlot.matplotlib[:rc]("text", usetex=true) # allow tex rendering

This is because I want .eps figures with Type 1 font. If I remove it I get by default Type 3 fonts.

Note that if I comment out the tex rendering option I do not get the error anymore.

How to plot greek letters on the label and export the figure in .eps using Type 1 fonts ?

I am using the Atom utility.

thank you


If you use a LaTeX string, you need to use LaTeX for Greek letters too. L"\Omega" etc.