How to make all functions in a submodule of an external module visible?

How can I avoid writing the whole module path of a function/type in a submodule when I want to use it in my module?

julia> using WriteVTK.VTKCellTypes

julia> VTKCellType
ERROR: UndefVarError: VTKCellType not defined

julia> WriteVTK.VTKCellTypes.VTKCellType

Do you mean export?

julia> module Foo
         module Bar
            export VTK
            struct VTK end

julia> using Foo.Bar

julia> VTK
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Well, I am not the one who wrote the original module, so ideally I want to just use the submodule, which doesn’t have export in it. I could copy and paste the file and modify it in my program, but I don’t want to take credit for that code.

Looks like there is an export in the original code (alternatively you could “fork” the repository and still retain original credits).

Try something like:

import WriteVTK: VTKCellTypes

or if you want all exported function/types than use:

importall WriteVTK

Edited to Add: Actually, you should just be able to say using WriteVTK and everything that is exported should be available (which includes VTKCellTypes and VTKCellType).

ETA2: Just tried this on my machine and it doesn’t work. WriteVTK has an export VTKCellType statement but that type is never defined in that module. It honestly seems like that the behavior that you’re looking for is the expected behavior… maybe open a Pull Request or Issue on github?

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