How to know which ContinuedFractions package to use?

I am interested in the ContinuedFractions package in Julia.

I found two repositories:

How do I find out which to use?

If necessary, how do I uninstall the wrong one and install the right one?

Julia’s General registry (the one accessible via the built-in Pkg environment) points to GitHub - jwscook/ContinuedFractions.jl: Implementation of Continued Fractions. So, if you ] add ContinuedFractions and using ContinuedFractions, this is the package you’ll be using.

It doesn’t look like the other one (GitHub - johnmyleswhite/ContinuedFractions.jl: Types and functions for working with continued fractions in Julia) is registered, so you would need to ] add to use it.

In terms of which is the “right/wrong” one, that’s probably up to you. I don’t use them, but from a quick perusal: neither seems to be actively maintained, documentation is sparse for one and non-existent for the other, and they both consist of only a single very short file of actual source code. I don’t know that I’d be excited to use either, but the registered one looks more like to actually load without drama in the first place.

A quick search using JuliaHub’s package index turned up another option: RealContinuedFractions.

More info on how to use Julia’s Pkg environment for managing installed packages is available in the official docs here: Pkg · The Julia Language.

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Thank you for your reply.

I found the RealContinuedFractions to be most germane to my purposes.

Is there any “periodic culling” so that unmaintained packages are archived and do not insert themselves into Google or other searches? If not, might I suggest this as something worthy of consideration.