How to increase space between axes for topo array

I am creating topo array with this code:

using CairoMakie
using TopoPlots

function topo_array(f, times=nothing)
    f = Figure()
	times = nothing
    data, pos = TopoPlots.example_data()
	data = data[1:30,:,1]

    pos = hcat([[p[1], p[2]] for p in pos]...)
	pos = pos[:, 1:30]

    pos ./ maximum(pos, dims=2)
    axlist = []
    for (ix, p) in enumerate(eachcol(pos))
        x = p[1] #* 1.1
        y = p[2]  #* 1.1
        # todo: 0.1 should go into plot config
        ax = Axis(f[1, 1], width=Relative(0.09), height=Relative(0.09), 
		halign=x, valign=y, title = string.(ix))
        # todo: add label if not nothing
        push!(axlist, ax)
    # todo: make optional + be able to specify the linewidth + color
    hlines!.(axlist, Ref([0.0]), color=:gray, linewidth=0.5)
    vlines!.(axlist, Ref([0.0]), color=:gray, linewidth=0.5)

    times = isnothing(times) ? (1:size(data, 2)) : times

    # todo: add customizable kwargs
    h = lines!.(axlist, Ref(times), eachrow(data))

#	CairoMakie.trim!(f.layout)


I got this picture:

But how can I increase space between axes and avoid these white margins?
I want smth like here:

Looks like your upper plot is the inner part of the lower plot that you want, just with fewer electrodes. The valign and height values etc. seem to have been handpicked for the lower version to work. With fewer electrodes, you get margins.