How to hide output from a pluto cell

I am using Pluto.jl

I am importing some dictionaries that have as entries fairly large tensors (100x100x100). The tensors are store as BSON files, so that code is

    output = BSON.load(path_to_file);

Just to make the notebook more readable, I would like the output NOT to be shown. I don’t need to see all of these large tensors. Plus the output has a ton of blank whitespace that makes scrolling much less user friendly.

For some reason I thought the semi-colon would do that job, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried searching for an answer, but all I’ve found is articles explaining that in pluto the output is above the cell, not below it.

Does anyone know a fix for my problem?

Strange that output isn’t being suppressed, but try

output = BSON.load(path_to_file); nothing

this worked perfectly,thank you!, but maybe @Pluto people could note that this keyword “nothing” has to be added?