How to get restartable/interruptible kernels in VSCode (when using juliaup?)

As the title suggests, I’m unable to interrupt or restart kernels in VSCode. When I try to do so, one of two things happens:

  1. Most of the time, the command doesn’t go through until the cell is finished executing.
  2. Sometimes (more commonly if I try to do this from the Julia plugin sidebar instead of the main notebook controls), the kernel dies but the notebook frontend doesn’t seem to detect this, and will continue waiting on a dead kernel until I kill the entire code process. It won’t let me run more cells or issue new restart commands (probably because it thinks the kernel is still alive), and I’ve waiting for up to 30 minutes on these cells before giving up and restarting code.

I tried the suggestions over on this post, including uninstalling the Jupyter plugin, but these don’t seem to work for me–the behavior I describe above doesn’t change. In particular, I’m using juliaup instead of the older installation methods, and I don’t know if that might be interfering with something. The kernel I’m using is marked with “Julia VS Code extension”.

Would appreciate any suggestions or idiot-checks!

Opened an issue about problems in connection with that other thread, and though my main issue, that old kernels were left alive eating up my memory, seems to be resolved, there seems to still be some other problems. You can always add some examples to that issue so that if anyone takes a look they have more concrete examples of what currently does not work.