Can't access a live workspace for Julia when using integrated notebooks in VS Code

Well, the title kind of says it. According to the docs for Vs Code Julia support it should be possible to see the Julia workspace while using Notebooks.

I can’t get this to work and I see no way to do so. I am using the integrated VS Code support for notebooks, not Python Jupyter. I am using an IJulia kernel and not the kernel provided by the language server.

The Julia language server’s jupyter kernel constantly hung or crashed, so I stopped using it.

I changed my config for the internal VS Code jupyter notebook, so I will try to LS’s kernel again because I believe that is the only kernel that provides workspace support.

“Wish me luck…!”

Great News!

  1. Obviously, one must use the language server kernel for a live workspace on the notebook.
  2. It works.
  3. The settings changes I made in VS Code end the crashes and timeouts for the notebook in VS Code when using either external kernels (IJulia) or the language server kernel.

I am not sure which of these settings made things work, but one or more of them did it:

"jupyter.experiments.enabled": false,
"jupyter.jupyterInterruptTimeout": 50000,
"jupyter.jupyterLaunchTimeout": 20000,
"jupyter.jupyterServerType": "local",
"jupyter.useDefaultConfigForJupyter": false,