How to embed Linkedin page in franklin.jl made website?

How can i add Linkedin icon franklin.jl made website ?

That depends a little bit on what you have as a code base.

In my page I have come Icons in the sidebar, so I add them here

which generates the bottom line in the left sidebar at

But that also depends on how your Layout is defined and whether you have a sidebar. The navicons are then styled with CSS. And I am using font awesome icons (as well as academicons).

But maybe this helps as a starting point to check you _layout html files.


I uses Vela layout . What is your layout ? I like your layout so i want to switch to it.
I guess your layout is Hyde.

I donβ€˜t remember, because the origins of this page are from an old Jekyll theme (maybe it was MinimalMistakes by then?), and I might have used Hyde as a start, but then I heavily customised the theme, especially the line of icons I mentioned, I handcrafted myself.

Your web page have lot of area on right side blank . Why not you increase font size to cover this space ? If you can do that then please also tell it to me ? you should make page bigger so that viewer don’t need to Zoom it for better look .

Good news you can increase content area by changing poole_hyde.css in CSS folder.
@media (min-width: 768px) { .content { max-width: 80rem; margin-left: 15rem; margin-right: 2rem; } }

As you can see the max with is 80rem which is about 80 characters and the intended width of a text line.
Just because there is space does not mean one should use it. If you read a line of more than 80 characters, it is usually hard to return to the left to start the next line.
So that width is intended.

I do not remember whether I ever changed the default font size, but on my machines it looks fine. Also note that if you have increase the font size, it stays with the roughly-80-character width of the content.

No sir , Please look website that i am making. It covers more content area so you can also make changes as i suggested above.

Sure it is programmatically possible and for publications like you listed it does not make much of a difference. For little longer texts to read, the 80 characters are better.

Still, feel free to design your pages the way you like, but I’ll keep mine as is.

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I am still not able to embed Linkedin on my website which i made with Hyde layout .

Without an example what you tried I can not help you much more than stating how this can be done (by showing my example). You will have to look to the _layout folder, the page elements therein and add a list or the one icon therein. Afterwards you can fine.tune the placement with CSS, see my list above as an example.

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julia> using Franklin

julia> serve()
β”Œ Franklin Warning: in <>
β”‚ No '' file found. It is recommended to keep one.
β”‚ Relevant pointers:
β”‚ - workflow and folder structure:
ERROR: ArgumentError: The current directory doesn't  have a `_layout` or `_css` folder; change directory to a valid Franklin folder.
 [1] serve(; clear::Bool, verb::Bool, port::Int64, single::Bool, prerender::Bool, nomess::Bool, is_final_pass::Bool, no_fail_prerender::Bool, eval_all::Bool, silent::Bool, cleanup::Bool, on_write::Franklin.var"#246#249", log::Bool, host::String, show_warnings::Bool, fail_on_warning::Bool, launch::Bool, no_set_paths::Bool, join_to_prepath::String)
   @ Franklin ~/.julia/packages/Franklin/9tdjr/src/manager/franklin.jl:102
 [2] serve()
   @ Franklin ~/.julia/packages/Franklin/9tdjr/src/manager/franklin.jl:49
 [3] top-level scope
   @ REPL[2]:1

This repo: GitHub - tlienart/ft-academic-resume: draft Franklin template for the academic template is a working example inspired from the academic template and has the LinkedIn stuff. You can just fork that repo.

Alternatively in any template you want (including one you’d build by yourself), you can always embed arbitrary HTML in your .md files by fencing it with ~~~...~~~ something like this:

some markdown here
<a href="YOUR_LINKEDIN_URL" target=_blank rel=noopener>
<i class="fab fa-linkedin big-icon"></i>
some more markdown

(the fab fa-linkedin stuff assumes you have font awesome in your stylesheet)

The example you gave where you get an error is because you ran serve() in a directory that does not have the expected structure in Franklin, please look at the docs or work from an existing template.

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I have changed the folder names but how can i got back them ?
Actually i want to name like Students instead of Menu1 etc. When i was changing names of folder during live website everything was fine but when i closed terminal and restarted serve() then it showed error - - No ’ ’ file found.

Well if you changed the folder names then just change them back. For best of cases you have your project under version management and can easily get back to the previous version by checking out previous versions from git.

Concerning the live website – it can update if you change md-files but it might only read html-files (those from layout) and especially Julia functions upon first serve – that is why you sometimes should restart that (for the details which parts are dynamically loaded and which ones are not precisely I am not the expert). Also please read the links from Thibaut about the general workflow with Franklin.

And without an example what you tried it is still complicated to help. And please also consider Please read: make it easier to help you concerning this remark.

No i have not uploaded it till yet on GitHub.
It’s in my laptop.

Sorry, that is not what I meant, I meant point 4 from

that is creating MWEs and narrowing down the problem yourself beforehand. I will definitely not clone your repository and fix your bugs, sorry for that, especially since it seems you are not creating a page for yourself.

Sorry , i had created directory within directory. But still i have one problem that "Publications " directory is getting duplicated with Pulications automatically within __site folder.

Hi i have developed website but on git Dr. Maria Giovanna Dainotti it looks much different than on local system. What should i do ?

My terminal looks like this .

 οŒ’ ξ‚°  ~ ξ‚° cd ./Maria                                                      ξ‚² βœ” 
 οŒ’ ξ‚°  ~/Maria ξ‚° ο„“  master   ξ‚° julia                                      ξ‚² βœ” 
   _       _ _(_)_     |  Documentation:
  (_)     | (_) (_)    |
   _ _   _| |_  __ _   |  Type "?" for help, "]?" for Pkg help.
  | | | | | | |/ _` |  |
  | | |_| | | | (_| |  |  Version 1.8.3 (2022-11-14)
 _/ |\__'_|_|_|\__'_|  |  Official release
|__/                   |

julia> using Franklin

julia> serve()
  Activating project at `~/Maria`
β†’ Initial full pass...
β†’ Starting the server...
[ Info: Listening on:, thread id: 1
βœ“ LiveServer listening on http://localhost:8000/ ...
  (use CTRL+C to shut down)
β”Œ Error: handle_connection handler error
β”‚   exception =
β”‚    IOError: write: broken pipe (EPIPE)
β”‚    Stacktrace:
β”‚      [1] uv_write(s::Sockets.TCPSocket, p::Ptr{UInt8}, n::UInt64)
β”‚        @ Base ./stream.jl:1064
β”‚      [2] unsafe_write(s::Sockets.TCPSocket, p::Ptr{UInt8}, n::UInt64)
β”‚        @ Base ./stream.jl:1118
β”‚      [3] unsafe_write(c::HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection, p::Ptr{UInt8}, n::UInt64)
β”‚        @ HTTP.ConnectionPool ~/.julia/packages/HTTP/RyUY8/src/ConnectionPool.jl:106
β”‚      [4] unsafe_write(http::HTTP.Streams.Stream{HTTP.Messages.Request, HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection}, p::Ptr{UInt8}, n::UInt64)
β”‚        @ HTTP.Streams ~/.julia/packages/HTTP/RyUY8/src/Streams.jl:95
β”‚      [5] write(io::HTTP.Streams.Stream{HTTP.Messages.Request, HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection}, s::String)
β”‚        @ Base ./strings/io.jl:244
β”‚      [6] write(io::HTTP.Streams.Stream{HTTP.Messages.Request, HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection}, s::Base.CodeUnits{UInt8, String})
β”‚        @ Base ./strings/basic.jl:758
β”‚      [7] (::HTTP.Handlers.var"#1#2"{LiveServer.var"#16#20"{typeof(identity), Bool, Bool, LiveServer.SimpleWatcher}})(stream::HTTP.Streams.Stream{HTTP.Messages.Request, HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection})
β”‚        @ HTTP.Handlers ~/.julia/packages/HTTP/RyUY8/src/Handlers.jl:61
β”‚      [8] (::LiveServer.var"#25#26"{HTTP.Handlers.var"#1#2"{LiveServer.var"#16#20"{typeof(identity), Bool, Bool, LiveServer.SimpleWatcher}}})(http::HTTP.Streams.Stream{HTTP.Messages.Request, HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection})
β”‚        @ LiveServer ~/.julia/packages/LiveServer/t2p5e/src/server.jl:606
β”‚      [9] #invokelatest#2
β”‚        @ ./essentials.jl:729 [inlined]
β”‚     [10] invokelatest
β”‚        @ ./essentials.jl:726 [inlined]
β”‚     [11] handle_connection(f::Function, c::HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection, listener::HTTP.Servers.Listener{Nothing, Sockets.TCPServer}, readtimeout::Int64, access_log::Nothing)
β”‚        @ HTTP.Servers ~/.julia/packages/HTTP/RyUY8/src/Servers.jl:447
β”‚     [12] (::HTTP.Servers.var"#16#17"{LiveServer.var"#25#26"{HTTP.Handlers.var"#1#2"{LiveServer.var"#16#20"{typeof(identity), Bool, Bool, LiveServer.SimpleWatcher}}}, HTTP.Servers.Listener{Nothing, Sockets.TCPServer}, Set{HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection}, Int64, Nothing, Base.Semaphore, HTTP.ConnectionPool.Connection})()
β”‚        @ HTTP.Servers ./task.jl:484
β”” @ HTTP.Servers ~/.julia/packages/HTTP/RyUY8/src/Servers.jl:461