How to embed a .png file in

What is the best way of embedding a .png file in a file for a package on Github?

I currently use:

<p align="center"><img src="./docs/kite_power_tools.png" width="500" /></p>

That works fine on github: GitHub - aenarete/KiteSimulators.jl: Simulators for kite power systems
But it is causing problems in Juliahub, for example see: Readme · KiteSimulators.jl

Is there a way to use markdown syntax for embedding AND centering and resizing a picture?

AFAIK no, websites are inconsistent about rendering HTML embedded in markdown - I had similar issues between GitHub, JuliaHub and PyPI.

Your best bet is to stick with plain markdown and ensure your image is the right size to begin with.

Oh, and you’ll need to use an absolute URL for the images. A simple way is to link to them from GitHub - you can get the link by browsing to the file on GitHub and clicking the “Raw” button.