How to distribute arrays part of struct with MPI (MPI.jl)

I am wondering what the best approach is to distribute arrays that are part of a struct with MPI.

Example of such a struct (partly):

@get_units @with_kw struct SBM{T,N,M}
    Δt::T | "s"
    maxlayers::Int | "-"
    n::Int | "-"
    nlayers::Vector{Int} | "-"
    n_unsatlayers::Vector{Int} | "-"
    riverfrac::Vector{T} | "-"
    θₛ::Vector{T} | "-"
    θᵣ::Vector{T} | "-"

An instance of this struct is updated each time step with:

function update(sbm::SBM)
     for i = 1:sbm.n

I understand that with MPI.Send and MPI.Recv arrays can be distributed, and this is faster than passing a struct (requires serialization).

What would be a good approach here, to distribute arrays that are part of a struct, without the use of serialization?

Do I need to initialize the struct on all ranks then? I guess normally you would initialize (and for example read parameter values from files) on the root rank and then distribute.

Or would it better to use Distributed.jl in this case?