How to display two plots?

How can I plot two plots on the screen? This does not work:

using ControlSystems, Plots

P₀ = tf(1.0, [1, 1])

Is this the same question as last month?

The same question, but in a different context, so I don’t think the answer from last month works here, because ControlSystems uses recipes…

One new question would be: Can I combine both plots in one without changing the default backend?

plot(p1, p2)

Or if you would like to have the step-response in the upper right corner:

p3 = plot(framestyle=:none)    # blank dummy plot
l = @layout [a{0.5w} [b{0.5h}; c]]
plot(p1, p2, p3, layout=l)

Thanks a lot!