Plot a plot with subplot, given plots

I don’t know how to better describe this.


p1 = plot(rand(10))
p2 = plot(rand(10))

is there a way to use p1 and p2 to produce a two-subplot figure? Something like:

p = plot(layout=(2,1))
plot!(p, p1, subplot=1)
plot!(p, p2, subplot=2)

(that does not work, but the intention is clear, I think).

Have to install it for a real example, and you know… TTFP :wink:

Oh, yes, I know how to do plots with multiple subplots. The thing here is that I had a function that returned a plot, and now I wanted to combine multiple returns of the function into a multiple-plot plot.

(but I have managed a workaround already, by passing the Plot structure to the function and the corresponding subplot).

Anyway I was curious if that could work.


well, my TTFP wasn’t that bad…

Isn’t that what you want?

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Yes, great! didn’t realize that was possible.

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