How to determine conditions of bistability

Hello everyone! I’m new to Julia and would consider myself a beginner to programming in general. Currently, I am using Catalyst.jl to define a system of ODEs as a reaction network. I have the parameters and initial condition ranges, which yield two distinct steady states. My goal is to add additional reactions with new species and parameters and determine what parameter values and initial conditions yield two steady states. I was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions as to how I should approach this problem.

If you are sure that your system stabilizes at fixed points, you can use Fixed points & Periodicity · DynamicalSystems.jl

if you don’t know that, then you can to use DynamicalSystem’s generic interface for finding attractors, which is more costly.

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Thank you so much! Do you by chance know of a tutorial I could follow to use the DynamicalSystems.jl interface in this capacity?

Introduction · DynamicalSystems.jl

You can do Bifurcation Analysis in Julia