Using fixed points from dynamicalsystems.jl in BifurcationKit.jl

I find fixed points by changing two parameters of a continuous system using the fixed point() function. How correctly use finded fixed points for plotting bifurcation diagram by BifurcationKit.jl?
Are there any examples of their sharing packages? I didn’t find them in the packages documentation

I was plot the eigenvalues of fixed points. Then i determinate bifurcations using the diagram.
For example, an several eigenvalue diagram for one fixed point that was found fixedpoint().

The point is that you should use the fixedpoints from DynamicalSystems.jl to find the starts of the branches to continuate later with BifurcationKit.jl. The advantage of fixedpoints is that it is guaranteed to find all fixed points of the system. The disadvantage is that it is costly. So you use it for the starting seeds of your continuation.

We explain this process in detail in section 2 of chapter 4 of Nonlinear Dynamics | SpringerLink

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Thank you

Can I ask a question about the produce_orbitdiagram() so as not to create a new topic?