How to delete to end of line in Juno

I would like to delete (or cut, either will do) from the cursor position to the end of the current line. In emacs this is Ctrl + k. I cannot find similar functionality in Juno: searching the keybindings for end-of-line shows only a command for selecting to end of line.

Open the command pane with Ctrl-Shift-P, type in Open Your Keymap and add

  'alt-k': 'editor:delete-to-end-of-line'

to the file that opens (replace alt-k with whatever keybinding you fancy).

If you’re familiar with Vim modal editing alternatively, checkout:

Then: d$ from normal mode will do exactly that


Thanks. That works for the editor. How do I make the same keybinding for the console (which I launch from the Atom menu by Julia-> Open Console)