How to debug dead IJulia kernels (julia 1.4.1)

I am trying to help two students whom I asked to install julia 1.4.1 and IJulia (one on Windows, and one on Kubuntu 20.04). Both have the issue that the IJulia kernel is crashing directly.

Here is a thread of the discussion:

I have asked them to enable IJULIA_DEBUG:

using Pkg"IJulia",verbose=true)

But so far we were not able to see any useful error message why the kernel is crashing.

Does somebody have an idea how to debug these issues?

I am wondering if IJulia.set_verbose works as mentioned in the docs:

I do not see much information in the julia terminal after running notebook() after ensuring that verbose is true. Wouldn’t it be useful to echo all jupyter message in the Julia terminal if verbose/debug is true?

Following this :