How to deal with CompatHelper PRs on 1.7


since 1.7 CompatHelper PRs in GH actions use the force_latest_compatible_version flag. In theory, that’s great because you won’t bump versions which aren’t tested (CH.jl#160).

In reality it is not that easy: one usually does not test all possible version combinations anyway. I see a lot of CompatHelper PRs with failing tests because the resolve fails (some other Package blocks the update). Whats the current suggestion on how to deal with this?

  • Merge PRs if you’re sure™️ that the change does not affect your package?
  • Keep PR open and occasionally rerun the CI to check whether all blocking packages have been updated? Any way to do this automatically?

There are definitely pros and cons to both strategies… Option 2 is safer for sure but it might take much longer for new versions of packages to propagate through the ecosystem…

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