Are there tools to help with testing upper bounds on package dependencies?

Following the changes to the package registration processes, it’s good to put upper bounds on packages for auto-approval. However, this causes another minor issue which is that when a package’s dependencies’ semver upgrades to a new version, I would need to 1) find which of the dependencies has updated, test my package and tag a new version.

Theoretical this process of updating package version (with no new functionalities) can be achieved in an automated fashion. Just wondering if anyone has already made a tool to ease the process before I write my own.

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CompatHelper.jl is a GitHub action that makes PRs to bump versions of your package’s dependencies; then your CI runs to test it, and you can just merge the PR if the tests pass.


Is it meant to work on the [deps] entries or just the[compat] entries

My understanding is for each package with a [deps] entry, if it doesn’t already have a corresponding [compat] entry, it makes a PR to add one (with the latest version of the package), and if it does have a [compat] entry that excludes the latest version of the package, it makes a PR to widen the compat to include that package. It does these checks once an hour (well, however often you configure the workflow to run).