How to create Latex pdf directly from julia

Hi. I want to create Latex pdf from julia to make report. Is there any nice way to do so ? I could not find good package. can Latexify.jl create Latex pdf similiar to actual Latex software ?


Latexify generates LaTeX code from Julia code. You will want to combine Latexify.jl with Weave.jl to generate a PDF from the outputs.

I wrote a short guide for my use case of displaying functions and tables defined in a package in this post, but Weave can also include plots and numerical answers in the PDF output.

Edit: Actually, the difficulty regarding the workarounds in that post are all related to trying to Latexify and Weave code that already exists as a package. If you are just writing a standalone script to generate the PDF output, you can just follow the examples included in the Weave package.

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You might also be interested in Latexify.jl + Pluto.jl. Pluto is a web-based notebook environment that can also be exported to PDF. LaTeX will automatically be displayed nicely, and you can interact with the output using the mouse. Pluto is easier to use than Weave, but I like the look of the Weave output better.

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