How to clear variables and/or whole work space

hello ,i’m a newcomer. i use Atom as my IDE for julia . How to clear the information in REPL and the variables that i do not need in the work space


I don’t use Atom but in Julia 0.6 REPL, you can use the workspace() function to clear things up.

julia> a = 1

julia> a

julia> workspace()

julia> a
ERROR: UndefVarError: a not defined

Note that workspace is gone in 0.7, so going forward the only way to clear your workspace is to quit and restart Julia.

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I think you can replace your variables with nothing and then garbage collect.

The following shows what I mean:

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But then the binding still exists.

Is that harmful?

Depends on what you want, just saying it’s different from the behavior of workspace().

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Using workspace() in Juno is a bad idea and will break all sorts of things, so I’d really advise against it.

You can clear the REPL display with Ctrl-J Ctrl-C or by typing clearconsole() into the REPL, however.

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thank u all very much . i got it.

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Ctrl+J, Ctrl+C will clear the Console but not the Workspace: the variables and functions created are not cleared.

You can clear the Workspace from the Console by pressing Ctrl+D to end Julia and Enter to start it again. This works reasonably fast.

I am working in Juno/JuliaPro. Is there any other method to clear the Workspace without stopping Julia?


There used to be a workspace() function, but it was removed as it had some problems. I think that the consensus is that stopping and restarting the process is now fast enough for practical purposes.


It is fast when the project doesn’t have many dependencies. But with more dependencies, it takes more time. Is there any method to restart without precompile again?


It does not work with Julia 1.4.2 on Windows 10. According to the documentation Key bindings, it should be Ctrl + L now.

I do not find how to clear variables in that documentation. The workaround is just to restart Julia.


There should be a way to clear workspace. Ctrl+L clears the console but the objects are still there. Restarting is a bad way of doing things.


How about names(Main), then nothing-ing everyting in the list that you want to clear?

This will not work for any consts, also, attributing nothing to a binding is different from it never existing (for example, as you pointed out, it will appear in the output of names).

Ctrl+L to clear the REPL

I have searched for a while and experimenting with CommonRLInterface GitHub - JuliaReinforcementLearning/CommonRLInterface.jl: A minimal reinforcement learning environment interface with additional opt-in features.. There are some mutable variables. I am not an expert in Julia Programming, but I want to clear the whole workspace or delete a mutable variable (which is not allowed for mutable variables as far as I understand it, but in CommonRLInterface it comes from AbstractEnv superclass so I cannot change it).

struct myEnv <: AbstractEnv 

julia> myGridWorld=Nothing
ERROR: invalid redefinition of constant myGridWorld
 [1] top-level scope
   @ none:1

I want to clear the whole workspace. So I have to stop julia and restart it again. In addition I have to activate the environment again.

It would help me if there would exist a button or keyshortcut, which automatically resets the workspace, starting a new julia kernel if necessary and activates the last environment (maybe also restarting the code).

see Clear workspace à la Pluto

Thank you @bkamins. As far as I understand there is not a direct solution available, but by using using REPLinModule, one could set a mode for the REPL

using REPLinModule

I am not sure if I understand the post right …