How to clear variables and/or whole work space


hello ,i’m a newcomer. i use Atom as my IDE for julia . How to clear the information in REPL and the variables that i do not need in the work space


I don’t use Atom but in Julia 0.6 REPL, you can use the workspace() function to clear things up.

julia> a = 1

julia> a

julia> workspace()

julia> a
ERROR: UndefVarError: a not defined


Note that workspace is gone in 0.7, so going forward the only way to clear your workspace is to quit and restart Julia.


I think you can replace your variables with nothing and then garbage collect.

The following shows what I mean:



But then the binding still exists.


Is that harmful?


Depends on what you want, just saying it’s different from the behavior of workspace().


Using workspace() in Juno is a bad idea and will break all sorts of things, so I’d really advise against it.

You can clear the REPL display with Ctrl-J Ctrl-C or by typing clearconsole() into the REPL, however.


thank u all very much . i got it.