How to check what holds package update?

I found that DataStructures.jl package is on version 0.17 while up-to-date version is 0.18. How do I find what other package holds the update?

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Force the version:

]add DataStructures@0.18

Thank you for the tip. Yet, I’m afraid to break some other package. Maybe there is a way to display package dependencies with their constraints on version numbers.

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You could always ] free DataStructures.
I always use jules approach.

What normally happens is that it doesn’t work – instead, I normally get an error message explaining what is holding DataStructures back: the thing you’re looking for.

I do consider this is one of the most frequently asked question here. I have come across a post someday discussing to implement a new feature in the pkg mode, either via a command or an option. I do hope somewhere in this discourse can give a pannel for FAQs.

Edit: I have found the discussion here: Shouldn't there be a warning when package can't update to latest?

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If you do what jules suggested (

]add DataStructures@0.18


You will not break any package. What will happen is that julia will try to update and then will tell you what version conflict is preventing the package to update.