Best strategy to update old package versions

I have installed several packages, some of them are now old or very old versions.
What is the best strategy to update those versions? How can I know what are the packages that are an obstacle for other packages to be updated? By trial and error?

You could start Julia with deprecration warnings.

--depwarn={yes|no|error}  Enable or disable syntax and method deprecation warnings ("error" turns warnings into errors)

It might also depend on what makes them outdated. Is it from changes in Base or changes in dependencies? Perhaps that is your question. You could see what has changed in the dependencies since the last version that worked with these packages you care about versus the current stable versions.


I know you’ve been around for a while so this is probably too basic, but just to be sure the first step would of course be to activate the relevant environment and call ] up

As far as I’m aware there currently isn’t a way to automatically figure out which packages aren’t on the latest version, so you’d probably have to go to their github repo or check JuliaHub to see whether the latest release number matches your version. If you find that it doesn’t, you can force upgrade by calling ] add RelevantPkg@1.2 (assuming 1.2 is the latest release of the package you’re after), and the package Manager will tell you which other package in your environment conflicts with the one you’re trying to update.