How often do you upgrade to a new version Julia?

Will you upgrade as soon as the new version is released?

I do this for my daily play around with Julia.
I have one production installation where I am still happy with Julia 0.3 :scream:

When there is time I will do an upgrade, but there wasn’t since then. :upside_down_face:


I primarily use supported versions of Julia. The only supported versions at the moment are the Julia 1.6.x Long Term Support branch and Julia 1.10.x, the latest stable release.


I am using juliaup for managing many branches at the same time. I use release branch for my daily tasks, lessons, and professional work (currently Julia v1.10.x).

I am testing my packages using the current release and alpha release.

I also periodically try Julia Nightly to get updated with every new feature.

I am activating these separate branches using

# julia +nightly


# julia +alpha  

for nightly and alpha reselases, respectively.

To update juliaup

# juliaup self update && juliaup update

is enough to get updated whenever you want.


Everytime there’ s a new release I update. Old deployed projects are compiled with PackageCompiler so they are not affected by new projects using the latest.


Since juliaup came along and simplified these things drastically, I have two rules:

  • New projects are launched on curent Julia stable.
  • Projects never update their Julia versions.

So projects on which i am currently still working are scattered on 1.7, up to 1.10 for the younger ones.