How In Literate add a code chunk and do not run it

I need something like eval=FALSE from R Markdwon. Currently I have a documentation where chunk of code when run will change my environment producing errors.
So I need it to look like a chunk of code but not run.

I use Literate.jl to transform .jl file into .md file.

In Literste I use the trick when I don’t want the code to be run to change the “codefence” to text in Literate.markdown:

codefence = "```text" => "```"

But does this mean that all code is ignored?
I need all the code to be executed except for one chunk of code.

You can use a regular Markdown code snippet like this:

# ```julia
# <code goes here>
# ```
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This formula worked! Thank you!

# ```julia
# begin
#    using Pkg
#    Pkg.activate("FOLDER_PATH")
#    Pkg.resolve()
# end
# ```