How i can host my julia api for free

how i can host my julia api for free,is there any unoficioal trick for host it for free

By “Julia API”, do you mean the documentation of your package? You would use GitHub Pages for that (or any similar static web site)

“No, I mean that I have an API written in Julia for a Flutter app. However, to publish my app, I also need to host my API, and this is the problem. I need free hosting that supports Julia.”

It seems very unlikely that you’ll find anything free for that sort of thing.

The cheapest option is probably something like DigitalOcean if your resource requirements are very modest. If they’re not, renting a server at Hetzner is likely the cheapest option. This is assuming you’ll set everything up yourself. For managed/hosted Julia web applications, I don’t know what the options are. Maybe someone else can point you to something. It would seem conceivable that JuliaHub would offer something like that, but their website doesn’t talk about it in any obvious way.

Thank you!

Oracle offers quite a bit of cloud cloud services for free, depending on your needs this might be enough Cloud Infrastructure | Oracle

You could talk to @schlichtanders about

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Thank you @mkitti for pinging me.

I am a little Julia startup, which is great I think, but unfortunately free resources are also expensive for me :wink: I very am happy to give you a free test-period access

In general if you want to have something free, the bigger the company, the more free stuff you get. You can put your julia into a docker and let it run on Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure - they all have a portion of free resources. Maybe your demand fits into their always free tier.