How do you get formulas created by XLSX.jl to be read automatically in Excel?

I’m making Excel files with XLSX.jl.

Everything works as it should, however, I’ve found when I create formulas for the spreadsheet they just show up as text in Excel.

I can manually get them to register and process if I click Enter in the formula box in Excel, however that defeats the point. I want Excel to read them as formulas without me going in and hitting enter in every single cell.

Edit: I found a hack that works. Go to find-replace in excel and select some text common to the formulas (eg “)” ) and replace it with the exact same character. Still requires some manual intervention though and I have thousands of files, so not really good enough :frowning:

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I can’t help you with XLSX.jl but I do have a wrapper around Python’s XlsxWriter.

I wrote it a few years ago, although it does work with 1.7.

It is not 100% complete with the Python version - that’s been updated and extended in the meantime.

It’s also got a few sharp edges.

And XlxsWriter doesn’t support reading Excel files, just writing. So that might be a problem for you.

I have used XlxsWriter a lot in Python it is very good. I don’t have a personal need to update my wrapper so sorry about that.

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Thanks. XlsxWriter.jl appears to be the only way in Julia to put images in spreadsheets, so I want to use it, but it’s lack of read support sent me back to XLSX.jl

XLSX.jl is doing everything else with the help of openpyxl. I haven’t tried it with other formulas the issue for me was with the =HYPERLINK() formula and I managed to solve it with openpyxl .hyperlink function rather than a string.