How do you debug in Intellj?

I am using the Intellij Idea IDE with the Julia plugin. I am putting a breakpoint but it is getting ignored. I am pressing the bug-like icon, but flow does not stop at the breakpoint.


What am I missing please? Is it really hopeless in intellij v2020? The plugin requires to add:

add ASTInterpreter2#73711a4
add DebuggerFramework#78d649e

but both return the same error:

(@v1.5) pkg> add DebuggerFramework#78d649e
ERROR: The following package names could not be resolved:
 * DebuggerFramework (not found in project, manifest or registry)

DebuggerFramework is deprecated and cannot longer be installed. Also I noticed that the intellij-idea plugin has not had any commits since more than one year ago. I wonder if it is an abandoned project. At least it seems that due to the broken dependencies you mention, you will not be able to debug.

This conversation about it in the project’s github seems to go nowhere.

Probably it would be better to try VSCode as a programming environment, they have debugger support.

Thanks for looking into this. Yes, you are probably right. The intellij-idea plugin looks deprecated to me. To my understanding the main developer has shifted focus elsewhere and the plugin is abandoned. Juno or VSCode sound like a better choice, especially for debugging

Yes, be aware that also Juno is now in maintenance mode (no longer being developed) because apparently Atom (the underlying editor) lost support from Microsoft. Although the VS code extension I think is still not at the same stage feature-wise, it is the most actively developed.